WAGE - International is happy to work with the 'Rainbow Program' at Loreto Sealdah, Kolkata, India, which seeks to integrate girls of diverse socio-economic backgrounds toward the common goal of breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering through education. 

We work with the school by connecting our volunteers with the school, and by adopting projects in consultation with the school personnel. 

(c) Raymond Bogan 

Video by one of our many participants, showcasing the importance of the work we do.

In the next video, the founder of the program, Sister Cyril Mooney, who started the program in 1979, discusses socio-economic inequality in India and its impact on education. She shares her vision of  the need for compassion to break the social and economic barriers, thereby empowering both the well-to-do and the underprivileged children, especially girls.


To get involved in any of the WAGE - International supported projects in the Rainbow Program, please send us an e-mail expressing your interest and  Connect with Us.