Despite many struggles and milestones of success, worldwide, one billion women continue to face violence. Education is key to empowering communities, and particularly girls and women, to overcome violence. Created in the spring of 2013, Women and Girls’ Education (WAGE) International is a New Jersey-based group that works with local and global organizations through the community networking to raise awareness, support, and develop educational resources for empowerment.


Why WAGE - International?

  • WAGE - International shares a common caring about our communities, a commitment to help stop violence against women and girls, and the need to respect their dignity and human rights.

  • Many organizations are doing excellent work by empowering through education and helping women and girls overcome violence.

  • WAGE - International seeks to work with such organizations in local and global communities, and support educational initiatives.

WAGE - International is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization.